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Calling yourself high-class Agra call girls is easy, but how do you make sure that you also deliver that promised high-end norm?

First of all, we have an in-depth casting procedure. It has to click on all levels: professional, looks, personality, and class. Although we try to be as inclusive as possible, we nevermore work with models who: have financial difficulties, don’t have any feeling with the affluent lifestyle, or have no passion for working as a high-class Agra call girls.

When we decide to work with a Agra call girls, and she wants to work with us, we want her start-up to be as comfortable and thorough as possible. When she enters, she will get a free India based photo-shoot, a coaching, and a proper introduction into the existing model team. She will never be thrown into the deep end. The coaching is of high-end quality and meticulous but will never try to dictate the model in any way. She will keep her personality but be polished in some ways so she won’t fall out of place with the high-end standard that our clientele expect.

The models must understand that they have all the freedom. They work with us, not for us. We will never demand her to do a certain number of dates or engage in services that she doesn’t want. She can decline clients that she doesn’t feel comfortable with and accept those that appeal to her. All of this attracts astonishingly powerful, intelligent women who have a real passion for the escort lifestyle and elegantly behave themselves. And that is what high-class means to us.

​Go to models… What about locations and travel?

Next to finding your perfect model; location and duration are also incredibly important when it comes to planning a fantasy date. In these aspects, we can also help where needed. We have a database of luxurious locations both in Belgium and internationally and are happy to discuss these with you. Most shorter dates happen at four and 5-star hotels, private spas, restaurants or in the privacy of your own home. When we talk about short dates, we mean 2-6 hours. We prefer to have a confirmed date one day prior.

​If you are looking for a model to accompany you for a longer duration, that is also highly possible. When we talk about longer dates, we mean 8 hours-one week. Overnights, business trips, vacations, or other events are always more fun with one or two beautiful models by your side. They all offer a girlfriend experience and are skilled when it comes to being discrete in every situation. However, don’t be mistaken; you will steal the show with a models in Agra on your arm.

Don’t forget that all of our models have other careers next to escorting. This means that planning a 12 or 24-hour date last minute is rarely possible. If you are interested in a longer date, contact us at least 3 to 5 days prior. All of the models fly from Belgium or the Netherlands and are available internationally. Read more about traveling with Agra call girls on the travel page.

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